What country is the Islamic countries?

Or organ trade for the [Islamic State] genocide purpose by funding

What country is the Islamic countries? Recently in northern Iraq, the bodies with a large wound in the abdomen has been confirmed many. And that there is a high possibility that was killed at the hands of cruel Kiwamarinai terrorist organization ISIS (ISILIslamic State) by a certain purpose, it seemed to the UN Security Council to initiate an investigation. Iraqi Mohamed Alhakim special envoy the day, that the bodies with marks that have undergone surgery in the abdomen was discovered a large number in the vicinity of the northern part of Mosul, was revealed to have reported to the UN Security Council. Massacre has been pointed out that it would be there the possibility is due to the terrorist organization ISIS you have home (ISIL) is very high, they organ sales are up a very revenue. According to the place in which a plurality of media overseas has reportedly although his body was discovered a place which is easily buried in the cemetery in persons, so tell that the purpose was organ, none of the bodies that a large scar on the abdomen has been confirmed.

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