What country is the Islamic countries?

ISIL (Aishiru) The

What country is the Islamic countries? Organizations working around the Syria Iraq. The effective control of the part of Iraq Syria. And self-proclaimed leader "Caliph (Muslim leader of the title)", listed the reconstruction of the empire of no Muslim borders]. Contents [Hide] Designation Overview . Ambitions, such as Feature . Symbolism . Media strategy . Severe of the [apostate] . Diversity of the members of origin . Negation of traditional interpretation . Hostile to the Islamic country in a general sense . Hostile to the Shia . The presence of [enclaves] . If swear allegiance immediately [combatants (fellow) Certification Funding source Young people to be solicitation The second time because it important Then-present Related illustrations Related Tags 0 reference link Designation Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية (transliteration ad-Dawlah al-'Islāmiyyah ) English: Islamic State Mainly operating in Iraq and Syria, extremists tradition flow of [Sarah fees jihadist] of Sunni Muslim organization.

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