What country is the Islamic countries?

Afghanistan, Iraq, the Islamic countries .... Japanese do not know ...

What country is the Islamic countries? Intense experience in Cambodia It made the opportunity to become a news photographer was the biological father. When the Y's are of age, have been a long-lost father, it is summoned suddenly in Bangkok. Father was reunited to 0 years had become the battlefield experienced news photographer. [I Do not become to be photojournalists wrong] and the advice has been, but too late. By the biological father, battlefield experiences in Cambodia and Lebanon had been captured to ensure the heart of the Y's. He was no different as he broke free of photojournalists has chosen as the first destination, Cambodia. At the time the year that went to the local, Cambodia armed conflict by two of Prime Minister sect that Hun Sen and Ranariddh had erupted. Battle of the remaining forces also joined by the Pol Pot faction that was killing a fraction of the people hold the power in the mid-1980s has been carried out violently in the center of the Thai border vicinity. The first time Y, who visited the battlefield, to the intense experience.

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