What country is the Islamic countries?

[Ghost] [German chair] kind of torture that favored by ...... ISIS

What country is the Islamic countries? Report summarizing the torture technique that ISIS (self-styled Islamic State) has been used in prison to govern has been announced. Temporary and ISIS of misdeeds that had dominated a large part of Iraq and Syria, is cruel pole ball questioning confinement method was revealed. Experts to create, such as Afumetoyaira, a former director of counterterrorism operations department of the Turkish police, report that the United States of violent extremism International Research Center (ICSVE) has been announced, ISIS is to how the hostages and inmates detailing what was cornered in physical and psychological. ISIS prisons, religious police, Hisuba (moral police), Emuni (security forces), various departments such as military police are managed jointly. According to the report, the physical torture of hostages receive kinds of beatings, burned at the stake, [Flying carpet], [ghost (ghost)], [German chair], [Baita], but tire.

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