What country is the Islamic countries?

And history of Sara Fiji hard principle [Islamic State] ...

What country is the Islamic countries? [[Islamic State (IS)] is set back in Syria and Iraq, South East It has continued to remain active terrorist activities in Asia and Africa. IS is Because it is a thought exercise than is terrorist organization, people that resonates with it now After also it will continue to be a threat to the world. In this paper, produced the IS movement Sarah Fiji traces the ideological genealogy of hard principle, its basic features I want to explain. In addition, Ya thinkers and terrorism of Sara Fiji hard principle The practitioners logic of atrocities always discrepancy exists but, in the meaning that it has I want to even think about. Introduction Do you know the word Sarah Fiji hard principle. So far There is a [Islamic fundamentalism] and [Islamic extremism] say that such or It was, but this is Lebanon of Hezbollah also Sunnah is a political movement of Shiite Extremist al-Qaeda faction also will be lumped together as the same [fundamentalist] It was rough terms, such as.

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