What country is the Islamic countries?

Why [Islamic State] is to take advantage of the net?

What country is the Islamic countries? Historical background over the Islamic and the Internet Expanded its influence in Syria and Iraq [Islamic State] takes advantage skillfully the Internet in public relations and recruitment. The initial of Islam as an ideal, the Islamic countries that aspire to return to there, because the high Internet affinity is a modern technology, or not than some people feel a little inconsistent. For a better understanding of this regard, mainly it is necessary to look back about the historical background of Internet penetration in the Arab Islamic world. Internet that has been introduced in the government-led The Internet has been introduced for the first time in Arab countries is that of age. Projects on the Internet, was done consistently in the government-led. It introduced initially, but part of the universities and government agencies was a degree of being connected to the Internet, as a border 000 around, even went so as to spread to the general public. One of the background, there is the top of the generational change in the country.

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