What country is the Islamic countries?

[Kill Yu Sato of the Earth] Do not misjudge the purpose ...

What country is the Islamic countries? Freelance journalist you are caught in the Islamic countries] (IS), the release negotiations of Mr. Kenji Goto is bogged down. Japanese government has also committed Jordan government, but it's because the there is no intention to make good faith negotiations to Islamic countries. Negotiations, while the exchange in both, each of the parties to concessions little by little, not settled is no longer found an agreement point. Islamic countries, whether release the Sajidarishawi death penalty prisoners have been imprisoned in the terrorist attacks. That way to release Mr. Kenji Goto. If you do not release the Rishawi death row, it has issued Goto and Mr. (Islamic countries are constrained) Jordanian Armed Forces of the pilot, the threat that killed Moazukasasube Lieutenant] as a request. Incite dissatisfaction with the monarchy Since the day, ministers of Jordan has called for the exchange of Kasasube lieutenant and Rishawi condemned on TV.

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